Navitag GPS Monitoring Systems

vehicle and fleet management solution

Real-Time Tracking

Continuous location status of tracked vehicles when on the move.

View in Any Device

Check up on your tracked vehicles with any internet capable device.

Data Security

Secured data storage and recovery from any point in time.

level up fleet management

Move products and personnel with confidence. Technology that gives peace of mind.

Tracking Solution for All Vehicle Types

Tracking solution for all types of vehicle units. Monitor cars, trucks, vans, and more.

Powerful & Responsive User Interface

Stay in control with a simple yet powerful management platform and be kept updated on the go using any of your devices.

convinience with technology

We work in the background making sure the best service when you need it the most.

Multi Tier Price Plans

Pricing plans that will fit both commercial and individual use.

Full Customer Support

We work on your schedule and get you up and running as soon as possible. We are here to help!


All you need to know on how we work and what we need from you.


Tracking Device

Gathers location and movement data over GPS satalites. Sends Encrypted data over to navitag servers.

Navitag Server

Decrypts and processes device data. Securely records location data and updates vehicle location on online portal.

Database Security

Checks for error, secures data encryption, and indexes all tracked data processed from any device.


Copies all data as backup to avoid informational gaps due to server downtime.


User Login

Login to view all device status in real-time


Get billed monthly and settle your accounts with navitag