Monitor assets in more ways than one

Track almost any kind of asset with the right device. Our comprehensive list of tracking devices are complied based on the need of most of today's businesses. We offer tracking solutions that cater to tracking vehicles, people and equiptment. All monitored through the online portal

Devices especially designed to track moving vehicles. These tracking devices shut off and on with the automotive ignition and must be connected to the automotive's local power supply to be able to track updated location status at a set interval rate. Offers long term routine monitoring on to assest it is installed to.

Recomended Use: Fleet management of motorcycles. cars, trucks, and other automotive vehicles

Mobile software application installed directly into a user's mobile phone to track user location. Available in both open and discrete modes for andriod devices and open mode for Iphone. Tracking app can be turned off and on by user as desired. Custom Integrations with other apps can be requested.

Recomended Use: Roving personnel tracked by mobile phones.

Devices that includes thier own power supply, These devices are designed to continually deliver updates on a fix rate as long as the device is turned on. With recharable batteries that provide 48 hour continous operation, these devices are perfect for more flexible needs. With this, you would be able to track different assets each time or non-electrically powered devices

Recomended Use: Location tracking with more flexibility and multi-use requirements. Can track any assest it is placed together with

The key to the dependability of our service it the flexibility of using a variety of communication systems such as GPRS, GSM and through the internet